Polysémie-Nanas – Outsider Art Fair New-York 2017 is a joint venture project between Galerie Polysémie, located in Marseille (France) and La Galerie des Nanas, from Danville (Québec, Canada). This collaboration's first objective is to stimulate the circulation of more art between Europe and North America.

Galerie Polysémie, is a private gallery dedicated to contemporary art, with an important international position. It is opened to several artistic approaches and especially artists who belong to the magic world of art brut and more widely Outsider art. While representing artists well established in the current art scene, Polysémie promotes young or undiscovered emerging artists who show great potential for future development.

La Galerie des Nanas, opened in 2011 with the distinctive mission of promoting women self-taught and contemporary folk artists. Its name is a tribute to Niki de Saint-Phalle. It currently represents twenty prominent or young artists from Canada, France, Switzerland, Poland and the US. It is located in a large colorful country house which also serves as a creation residency offering carving, textile and painting workshops.

We represent the following artists : Danielle Jacqui, Martine Birobent, Anne-Marie Grgich, Anick Langelier, Caroline Dahyot, Evelyne Postic, Jean-Pierre Nadau, Philippe Azema, Olivier Blot, Alexandre Lobanov, David Abisror and Davood Koochaki.